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A weekly podcast where we unwrap each and every episode of Twin Peaks, oh and lots of pie.

August 19, 2015

Twin Peaks Unwrapped 11: Joel Bocko (Spoilers)

Bryon and Ben talk with Joel Bocko, creator of ‘Journey Through Twin Peaks’ video essays.

“I’ve watched Twin Peaks in its entirety about four times since 2010, and Bocko highlights points in the series that I never noticed. It’s the loving criticism the series deserves. He presents a coherent thesis, that the magic formula of Twin Peaks is a child of the tension between David Lynch and Mark Frost, and backs it up with specific examples of the different ways they treat characters and situations. I wouldn’t recommend doing so, but someone could easily watch his series without any knowledge of Twin Peaks and have a clear understanding of what makes the show work.” - Cody Ray Shafer, SleepyRoof.wordpress.com

Journey Through Twin Peaks’ video essays


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