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A weekly podcast where we unwrap each and every episode of Twin Peaks, oh and lots of pie.

September 2, 2015

Twin Peaks Unwrapped 13: John Thorne

Bryon and Ben interview John Thorne, co-creator and co-editor of Wrapped in Plastic magazine. “For thirteen years and seventy-five issues, Twin Peaks fans had one safe haven in a media landscape completely indifferent, even hostile, to the strange, wonderful world they loved. Publishing its first issue in October 1992, a month after the critically-reviled Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me bombed at the box office, and going on permanent hiatus in September 2005, two years before the Gold Box DVD collection would introduce a new generation to the TV series, Wrapped in Plastic carried the torch during the long dark age of Twin Peaks. Or rather, it ensured that this dark age was in fact a golden era, with vital new interviews, deeply insightful essays, and the latest cast-and-crew news bundled into a slick, appealing package every couple months. Wrapped in Plastic was a fanzine but it was also something more: a vital source of scholarship in an era when one of the most iconic, original, and influential TV shows of all time was rarely discussed.” - Joel Bocko http://thedancingimage.blogspot.com/2014/10/unwrapping-twin-peaks-conversation-with.html (Read Joel’s great interviews with John Thorne!)


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“Sycamore Trees" lyrics by David Lynch, music by Angelo Badalamenti and sung by Jimmy Scott

Wrapped in Plastic #5

Wrapped in Plastic #35

Wrapped in Plastic #38

Wrapped in Plastic #61


John Thorne’s blog: http://abovethestore.blogspot.com

“Twin Peaks in the Rearview Mirror: Appraisals and Reappraisals of the Show That Was Supposed to Change TV” Kindle Edition


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